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Teeth Whitening – Your Questions Answered

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective and non-invasive process in which intrinsic staining (staining within the tooth) and extrinsic staining (staining on the outer surface commonly from tea, coffee, red wine) are targeted by whitening gels held within a tray, usually worn overnight...

Are you wearing your gumshield?

Did you know that from the 1st January 2013 it is mandatory in Gaelic Football for players to wear a Gumshield / Mouthguard? Colm Smith Dental is delighted to now provide ProSmile Gumshields. These gumshields are custom made, designed by our Sports Dentist. ...

Dangers of Sugar

Earlier this week the World Health Organisation said the daily allowance for a person’s sugar intake should be halved to 6 teaspoons. Guidance published by the international body advises a dramatic reduction in sugar consumption to help avoid mounting health problems including obesity and tooth decay....

Prosmile Lab

Did you know Colm Smith Dental is of the only dental clinics in Ireland to have it’s own onsite Dental Laboratory? Here at Colm Smith Dental, we have our very own in-house, full service laboratory....