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Tooth Fillings

What is a Filling?

Fillings are a way to restore damaged, cracked, broken or decayed teeth back to their normal shape and function.

A filling involves removal of the decayed material and cleaning of the affected area. A lining material is generally then placed over the nerve of the tooth to protect it, and then a filling material is placed to restore the tooth.

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Types of Fillings

a Amalgam Fillings (‘Silver’)

Amalgam Fillings (‘Silver’)- These are resistant to wear and are generally less expensive. They are more suited to teeth in the back of the mouth.

a Composite Fillings (‘White’)

These are matched to the colour of the tooth and are used in more visible areas. In some cases, these fillings may not be suitable for larger restorations in teeth in the back of the mouth as they may fracture or become worn.

a Layered Composite Fillings

Layered Composite Fillings – These are a premium composite/white filling. The material is carefully placed in layers which mimic the layers (enamel and dentine) of natural tooth structure. We use this type of restoration where the highest aesthetic standard is required.

a Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass Ionomer Fillings- This material is used for smaller fillings. It may also be used as a short-term or temporary filling in a tooth.

a Short-term/Temporary fillings

Short-term/Temporary fillings are generally considered those that will be in the tooth for a period of less than 6 months. There are a variety of reasons that a short-term filling may be done on a tooth. For example, if a tooth is painful and the decay is close to the nerve, a filling with a painkiller in it can sometimes be placed in the tooth and it is left in place for a few weeks to see if the pain settles. This type of filling is called a dressing. If after this period, the tooth is not painful or symptomatic, the dressing may be removed and a more long-term filling can be placed in the tooth.

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The aim of a dental examination is to look for and detect any signs of disease or other problems, so that they can be treated as soon as possible to prevent any potential problems becoming more serious at a later stage.

White Fillings

clinically known as composites

White fillings (clinically known as composites) are an aesthetic option for repairing fractured or decayed teeth. White filling material can be closely matched to the existing shade of the teeth and therefore are particularly suited for front teeth or visible parts of the teeth.

Composite bonding is when composite (white filling) material is ‘glued’ or ‘bonded’ to the tooth surface in layers. This procedure generally requires little or no preparation of the tooth and therefore no anaesthetic. After the dentist prepares the tooth, composite is placed in layers, typically using a light specialised to harden each layer. When the process is finished, the dentist will shape the composite to fit the tooth. The dentist then polishes the composite to prevent staining and early wear.

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How much do Dental Fillings Cost?

The cost of composite bonding depends on how many ‘surfaces’ the composite it bonded to, i.e. how big the filling is. Please discuss this with your dentist during your assessment.

At Colm Smith Dental we provide our patients with the knowledge and expertise needed to get the best results. Our pricing is competitive, and our dentists are highly skilled. Please see our price list below or call one of our practices in Cootehill and Monaghan to find out more.

PRSI & Medical Card

a PRSI Scale & Polish for 15 euro

PRSI- Please present your PPS number and with your signed consent, Colm Smith Dental can check your eligibility. If you are eligible, your check-up will be free and a regular scale and polish with the dentist or hygienist will be €15.

a Medical Card Cover

Medical Card- if you hold a medical card, with your consent Colm Smith Dental can check your eligibility prior to your appointment. If you are eligible, you are entitled to a free examination, 2 fillings and all extractions per calendar year. Other treatments are available on the Medical card; however prior approval is required from the HSE.

"Highly recommend all dentists at the surgery, as a family of 5 we all attend kids ranging from 6 to 16 and all love to go and see all the friendly staff. Thank you for all the amazing work over the years."

- Fiona Smith

"I had a wisdom tooth removed on Saturday under sedation with Dr Chris Bell. All I can say is he is absolutely fantastic. I never felt one single thing. I came home and could eat straight away no pain, recovering very quickly. Delighted thank you."

- Louise Black Mc Garrell

"had my first appointment today i`m not a big fan of dentists due to bad experiences in the past. the staff were all really friendly and put me at ease the moment i walked through the door. actually looking forward to my next appointment that`s something i never thought i`d say."

- Stuart Roberts

What can Composite Bonding be used for?

Composite bonding may be suitable to correct the following cases:

Repair fractured or decayed teeth

Replace old ‘silver’ or ‘black’ fillings

Improve the appearance of crooked teeth, misshapen teeth or teeth which are too small

Eliminate unwanted or uneven spaces

Repair worn or chipped teeth

Our Reputation speaks for itself

We have generations of happy patients from all over Ireland, our aim is to provide affordable dental care which is of the best quality possible.

If you would like to read more of our reviews, you can do so on Google, Facebook, WhatClinic and many other locations. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and are looking forward to having you join our long list of happy patients.

    I'm attending Colm Smith dental for years now. Every time I attend I'm greeted with smiles, warmth and professionalism, no matter how busy they are. The receptionists are lovely and totally efficient in accomodating my family needs. I admire my dentist, she's proficient, skilled and totally up to date on new treatments and trends in dental care. I don't like going to the dentist but this practice is a game changer for me. My girls 9 and 7 love going for their 6 months checks and the dental assistant always makes them feel calm and happy. The hygienist here is brilliant and has some kind of magic touch when it comes to not hurting her clients!!!! I couldn't recommend this practice enough - for all ages. Their prices are highly competetive and the wait times are minimal. If you need a dentist, these are the guys for you. You're welcome 😁😁😁😁

    Rose Mcgrath Avatar Rose Mcgrath
    January 12, 2023
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