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Orthodontic treatment for adults

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Orthodontic treatment for Adults

Adult orthodontics is more popular than ever before. Globally, an increasing number of adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment. With advances in more aesthetic options such as Invisalign and ceramic clear brackets, combined with the importance of having the most attractive smile, it is never too late to embark on orthodontic treatment. There is no age limit on orthodontic treatment, the most important factor is the suitability of the teeth and gums i.e. are the teeth healthy and stable enough for orthodontic tooth movement.

Whether it is something you have been hoping to do for a long time or you had orthodontic treatment as a child and your teeth have ‘slipped back’ or you lost your retainer, there are many options available nowadays. Dr Ann Smith, Specialist Orthodontist, will be more than happy to talk you through the options available to you and customise an orthodontic plan that suits your needs.

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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

a Invisalign- Express, Lite or Comprehensive

1. Invisalign Express Package

This is the cheapest and shortest type of Invisalign. Invisalign Express is used for simple minor teeth straightening and treatment of minor orthodontic relapse (teeth returning to their original position after they’ve been straightened, normally due to not wearing a retainer). This treatment can involve the upper and/or lower teeth and usually involves between 1-7 aligners, with one free refinement (additional aligners). Treatment can take as little as 3 months.

2. Invisalign Lite Package

Invisalign Lite is used to treat mild to moderate cases. Upper and/or lower teeth are treated, with approximately 8-14 aligners and 2 additional free refinements.

3. Invisalign Comprehensive Package

Invisalign Comprehensive is designed for the most complex of orthodontic cases. It can treat a full spectrum of adult patients with moderate to severe crowding, open bites, crossbites, deep bites and spacing. It generally involves treating the upper and lower jaws. It is the most extensive of Invisalign treatments requiring a minimum of 15 aligners. On average treatment can take between 12-36 months.

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a Ceramic ‘Cosmetic’ braces

Fixed braces are available in tooth coloured varieties that blend in with the natural colour of teeth. At Colm Smith Dental & Specialist Centre we use American Orthodontics’ Radiance Plus brackets which delivers exceptional results with features other cosmetic brackets just can’t match. Along with these aesthetic brackets we use American Orthodontics’ Iconix Aesthetic Wires offering best-in-class aesthetics to complement all cosmetic bracket treatment options.

Elastic modules are used to hold the wire in place which may stain with tea, coffee, tomato-based foods, curries, red wine and smoking, these are changed at every orthodontic visit.

a Metal braces

Metal braces are fixed braces or ‘train tracks’ which are used to straighten your teeth. They are glued to your teeth. They are composed of brackets and wires which are held in place with elastic modules which are changed at every visit.

a Six-Month smiles

Six-month Smile is a brand of braces that focuses solely on straightening the front teeth only. It works primarily by ‘tipping’ the front teeth out. Whilst this will provide you with straight teeth, it may produce a prominent looking smile and your teeth may look like they ‘stick out. Also, there is a higher risk your teeth will ‘slip back’ after treatment. Given these risks, your suitability for this treatment will be determined at your initial assessment.

This type of treatment is carried out by clinicians with limited orthodontic training and is not a technique we promote at Colm smith Dental & Specialist Centre.

It is worth bearing in mind that the quickest result does not always provide the best and most stable result. Orthodontic treatment requires careful planning and regular supervision to provide you with the best outcome.

Why Consider Treatment?

Reasons for Adult Orthodontic treatment:

Unhappy with the appearance of your teeth.

Relapse i.e. teeth have ‘slipped’ since having orthodontic treatment as a child/teenager or you lost your retainer.

To facilitate restorative treatment (e.g. toothwear) or periodontal (gum) treatment.

For surgical correction of a jaw discrepancy

Alternative Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic Treatment Options in more detail

Straight Teeth

More Success

Those with straight teeth were 45% more likely to get a job than those with crooked teeth when competing with someone with a similar skill set and experience

First Impressions

29% Notice Teeth First

Nearly one-third (29%) of Americans say the first aspect of someone's face they typically notice is his or her teeth, and 24% say this is also the facial aspect that they remember the most after meeting someone.

"Highly recommend all dentists at the surgery, as a family of 5 we all attend kids ranging from 6 to 16 and all love to go and see all the friendly staff. Thank you for all the amazing work over the years."

- Fiona Smith

"I had a wisdom tooth removed on Saturday under sedation with Dr Chris Bell. All I can say is he is absolutely fantastic. I never felt one single thing. I came home and could eat straight away no pain, recovering very quickly. Delighted thank you."

- Louise Black Mc Garrell

"had my first appointment today i`m not a big fan of dentists due to bad experiences in the past. the staff were all really friendly and put me at ease the moment i walked through the door. actually looking forward to my next appointment that`s something i never thought i`d say."

- Stuart Roberts


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